7 Tips for Buying a Home in San Francisco

ENGAGE A MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL:  Check in with one as soon as possible if you are financing the purchase. You’ll need a letter of pre-approval in hand if your offer is going to be competitive, and it can take time to round up your documentation.

BE OPEN IN TERMS OF NEIGHBORHOODS & MUST-HAVE’S: You’re in the strongest position if you’re flexible―especially about your choice of neighborhoods and amenities. Every neighborhood has its charms, so don’t be too quick to exclude one. Perhaps 1.5 baths are enough? Or maybe leased parking is workable?

GET FAMILIAR WITH THE MARKET: Go to as many open houses as possible that fit within your budget. Within no time you’ll develop a feel for what your money will buy.

7 Tips for Buying a Home in San Francisco

KNOW YOUR ONLINE SOURCES: Some are reliable, but others can be out-of-date or massively inaccurate (especially about estimates of value. There is no substitute for reviewing the concrete data of recent comparable sales.

REVIEW THE CONTRACT & OFFER WRITING PROCEDURE: Sure, take time to get comfortable with the market and get clear on what you want, but when it comes time to act, you’ll have to swing into action fast! Get familiar with the process before falling in love with a house.

REVIEW DISCLOSURES & INSPECTIONS BEFORE MAKING AN OFFER: Reviewing disclosure and inspections are a critical part of the buying process. I can walk you through the typical materials provided by sellers, and we can strategize about how this info can alter the terms or price of your offer.

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU WRITE SEVERAL OFFERS BEFORE YOU SUCCEED: It’s not at all unusual in the San Francisco market to write 5-6 offers before you get one accepted. Most other buyers are doing the same thing, especially for hot properties. All part of the learning curve.

And remember:

BREATHE:  Obviously, buying a home can be a big-time stressor. Keep your eye on the prize: Chances are it’s all going to work out in the end, so you might as well enjoy the ride as much as you can.

STAY CONNECTED:  Events can unfold quickly. A delay in responding, especially after you’ve submitted an offer, can cost you the deal!  So be sure to be available by cell, text, or email at important times.

Just call or email us to set up an introductory buyer’s meeting.

7 Tips for Buying a Home in San Francisco